We Bring The
Spa To You!
Maui Mobile Spa
Body Scrubs & Masks/Wraps
 Add-On Service ~ $65      Solo Service ~ $100

Love Your Face
Add-On Service ~ $50      Solo Service ~ $85

We are a"green" eco-spa in Maui, using organic & chemical-free spa products!
We are 100% mobile and we travel to you for free! Enjoy massage, spa treatments, fitness/yoga/pilates classes  and event beauty services within the comfort and convenience of your home, condo or hotel room. We also have private spa locations in three areas of Maui, including Haiku, Makawao and Lahaina. 

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About Maui Mobile Spa
Organic & chemical free spa treatments from Maui Mobile Spa. We provide the highest quality body masks, body scrubs,
mini facials and sunburn treatments...for discounted rates! We are proud to be a "green" spa in Maui.

 We use organic/chemical-free spa cosmetics! Did you know that your skin literally "eats" or absorbs up to 60%
of all substances it comes into contact with, and most cosmetics contain classified carcinogenic chemical ingredients.
Maui Mobile Spa uses Botanical Skin Food Cosmetics, a 100% organic & chemical-free skin care line, created right here on Maui!
These products are packed with antioxidant ingredients, minerals, AHA fruit enzymes, essential fatty acids, and many more
nutritious botanicals for the skin! Please view our spa menu below to, and be sure to let us know if you have any questions.

Mobile Massage Maui - Maui Day Spa

Body Scrubs
Exfoliate dead skin cells & increase the rate of
 circulation & metabolism, all of which enhance general health, detoxification & beauty!

Raw Cacao (Chocolate) Body Scrub
Raw cacao or raw chocolate is a MAJOR source of antioxidants & natural UV protection! This Skin Food exfoliant is rich in AHA enzymes from pomegranate, Maui honey, aloe vera & papaya!

So Slim Body Scrub
This Skin Foods body scrub combines diuretic ingredients to create this anti-cellulite, circulation stimulation exfoliator. The So Slim scrub is very detoxifying, with high amounts of minerals, antioxidants, green tea, iodine and Vitamins B, C & E.

Facial Skin Care

Love Your Face
The Love Your Face "Mini" Facial Includes:
 ~ Exfoliating Raw Cacao Facial Massage ~
~ Hydrating Vitamin C Silk Protein Facial Mask ~
~ Fruit Enzyme Hydrating Mist ~
~ Antioxidant Moisturizing Sunscreen Protection ~
Body Masks/Wraps
Body masks are highly concentrated products, each offering unique properties & benefits. The mask is applied to the skin & the body is wrapped, using heat to enhance healing properties.

Deep Detox Herbal Clay ~ Body Mask
A unique Skin Food body mask using detoxifying clays, medicinal herbs, green tea, seaweed & pomegranate & therapeutic grade essential oils.

Antioxidant Boost ~ Body Mask
A cell regenerating, anti-aging body mask, rich
in moisturizng aloe vera, green tea, seaweed,
raw cacao & AHA enzymes. Great for dry skin!

So Slim ~ Body Mask
This is a diuretic & detoxifying body mask,
using circulation & metabolism stimulating, anti-cellulite ingredients, including green tea,
fennel, gurana, seaweed and grapefruit.

Hawaiian Sun Soother
Got Sun? Perhaps a bit too much?
Whether you are sun burnt or have an inflammatory
skin condition (acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, etc) the Hawaiian Sun Soother body mask will sooth & repair your skin cells! This healing body gel infuses your skin with aloe , calendula, lavender & comphrey.